Our Current Projects
Gulu and Atiak, Northern Uganda
We have collected and distributed funds to assist St. Monica's Center in Gulu
and a new facility in Atiak.  The centers provide counseling, training and general
support for victim's of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

Stutsman County, North Dakota

We are currently raising funds to provide medical alert devices that will go
elderly or other home-bound patients. Jamestown Hospital in Stutsman County
serves a nine-county rural area with a population of approximately 50,000

Orussi, Western Uganda

Recognizing a need at the Orussi health center in Western Uganda’s Nebbi
region, we set a fundraising goal to purchase solar panels.  Orussi is a three-
hour trip over dirt roads from the nearest regional hospital at Nyapea. With no
electricity at the health center, the midwives at the clinic were delivering babies
at night using only flashlights and oil lamps.  After a successful fundraising
campaign, we purchased the lights.  In addition, we have raised funds to pay
for a chicken coop, which provides sustenance for patients at the clinic.

In previous years, we have facilitated the process of a Rotary International
grant application (and winning!) to enable building a solution to provide fresh
running water to the health clinic.  Fresh water was previous unavailable to the
local village.

Most recently, we have provided funding for improvements in the sewage
system for the Orussi Health Center.  


Sister Seraphine of the Orussi Clinic switches on her new solar-paneled lights.